Non-Profit and Outreach

Brianna Michelle is changing lives through her voice on the taboo topic of sexual assault. When you're serious about advocacy, you will do whatever it takes to begin the healing process not only for yourself but you become extremely passionate about helping others start their journey to heal. Brianna recounts her brutal rape during her sophomore year in college and being left for dead. Explaining what happened during her 10 hour kidnapping, beating and rape to police the next morning was far from a solution.


She has committed her life to speaking out against sexual assault and changing laws to so that they protect victims and not offenders. She touches on uncomfortable topics to create a program that has helped others mend their broken spirits. Sharing her story and allowing herself to be open, exposing her reality that affects so many men, women and children.  The benefit is bigger than her.  She wants nothing more than to be the inspiration that everyone had told her she had become. 


The strongest measure of Brianna Michelle’s success is not just in speaking but in bringing survivors together and letting them know they are not alone. There is no better proof to her voice than the raising awareness and creating a platform for everyone to get involved. She aims to help people grow in places they never thought were possible!


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